10 Advantages to Living on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is charming and beautiful, if you are considering relocating to this area of Costa Rica you’ve probably already visited and fell in love with the place.

Contrary to the Pacific coast that has an length of 1260 miles, the Caribbean coast extends only for 132.5 miles. You can find mesmerizing beaches, incredible lush nature, rich culture, flavors, and a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere.

The Caribbean coast is a preferred destination for European expats who opt for this type of ambiance, raw nature and simplicity.

Here are 10 advantages to living on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica:

1. Eco-Living:
Living in the Costa Rican Caribbean will bring you close to nature, the communities here have opted for sustainable living alternatives, you won’t find huge resorts, malls or shopping centers but you’ll find plenty of National Parks.

2. Adventure and Tourism:
The main economic activity in Limon is tourism, which means there are always fun activities to try out and different adventures you can experience.

3. Culture:
The combination of indigenous and afro-Caribbean culture in the area of Limon makes for a unique and rich culture which can be enjoyed in the gastronomy, music and art that fills the province of Limon. Indigenous reserves such as the BriBri and Uatsi also make their homes in the mountains of Limon and are great communities to visit and get immersed in their culture. You’ll also find that the majority of the locals understand and speak basic English, this because they have their own dialect “patua” part of Jamaican creole which includes Spanish, English and French words.

4. Cost of Living:
Being that the Caribbean coast is not as popular as other areas of Costa Rica among investors and tourists, property value here is a lot cheaper in comparison to other parts of the country.

5. Beaches:
The South Caribbean is famous for its pristine beaches, surrounded by nature, many of them perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. As a matter of fact, Punta Uva was ranked among the Top 25 beaches in the world by TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards 2018.

6. Fewer Crowds:
Limón is visited by many tourists year round but even in the high season the number of tourists doesn’t preset a huge crowd in comparison to Guanacaste and Puntarenas in the Pacific coast.

7. Weather:
Green is always the season at the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, rain is common in this area, and the drier periods can be enjoyed between February and March and in September and October. Even when it rains the sun comes out every day for a couple of hours. The temperature usually averages 77⁰F (25⁰C).

8. Opportunities:
The province of Limon has been discovering its true potential in the past few years, several new projects are planned for this province starting with APM terminals, a Free Trade Zone, tourism projects, residential projects, important improvements will be made to the main rode that connects with San Jose (Route 32) and more investment to better the conditions of the Limon airport is also part of the plans. Even though the majority of these projects are being developed in the center of Limon, they will have a positive impact in the rest of the province, increasing the price of real estate for example.

9. Health:
If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle the South Caribbean is a perfect option to live healthy. The healing powers of nature, the fun and relaxing vibe, delicious food and its friendly people will provide an experience like no other. If you like driving your bike, surfing, horseback riding or doing yoga, the Caribbean Coast offers all these options.

10. Expat Communities:
Even though there aren’t as many expat communities here as in other areas of Costa Rica, you can still find a strong number of expats from North America and Europe mainly, the majority of them are located in the South Caribbean.

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