10 Best Burger Restaurants in Santa Ana and Escazú

A hamburger seems like an easy enough dish to make right? The bun, the meat, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese… it certainly sounds simple.

Until you realize it isn’t, actually finding a really good burger is not as common as you’d think, there’re a lot of fast food restaurants that do an average job of it, but it’s not the same as having a gourmet hamburger, prepared with great bread, the best ingredients and exactly as you want it.

If you recently relocated to Costa Rica and live in the area of Santa Ana or Escazu you have probably already been in the search for a delicious burger, if you haven’t found it yet, Expat Housing Costa Rica will share its experience with you and offer you 10 great options in these areas where you can enjoy a delicious burger.


Porky’s Burger Bar is famous in Costa Rica not just for the delicious burgers it serves but also because it serves some huge burgers. They actually have a challenge which consists in eating a Porky’s Burger of 1 kg. in less than 30 minutes, if the client can do this then the burger is free of charge. The menu offers many different choices and also a great selection of beers. Located in Pozos, Santa Ana the place in itself is simple, sports bar style, but the atmosphere is warm and the food is great, you can also order to go.

Tap House

A sports bar with locations in Santa Ana (City Place) and Escazu (Escazu Village), it has quickly gained a reputation for having some of the best burgers in the area. The crowd is usually of 25 and up, it opens early so it’s also a good place for families. Texas flavors and a great service make this one of the best places where you can get a burger in Costa Rica.

MAD Burger and Beer

This is a small restaurant but offers delicious gourmet hamburgers; it is located in Plaza del Rio in Santa Ana, 400 meters west from the Swiss Travel. The menu offers classics but also some creative combinations with crazy ingredients such as peanut butter and jelly. They are constantly innovating and their prices are reasonable. MAD Burger has taken part of the Burger Rocks Festival with great success. The fries are also great.

Doris Metropolitan

Sometimes it takes a steakhouse to get a burger that satisfies your taste. Located in the center of Santa Ana, right behind the catholic church, Doris Metropolitan is luxurious and modern; you’ll be eating your burger in style. The burger is perfectly seasoned and cooked. This restaurant actually opened a location in Houston, US last year. The quality of the food and service is excellent.


As its name gives away, the specialty here are burgers, different types for every taste. With locations in Avenida Escazu and Multiplaza (also Curridabat and Jaco), this place is generally packed, the menu offers a great selection of gourmet burgers with high quality ingredients and amazing flavors, you can also create your own combination. The bun they use is soft and has a great and unique taste making all the difference in the world.

Olafo Street Food

Located in Plaza Tempo, Escazu in El Mestizo Gastronomy Market. This place actually opened its first restaurant in Jaco and it was quickly a big success. Everything here is artisanal, homemade bread of different varieties including beet bread; craft burgers, amazing chips, and great desserts. Olafo Street Food is generally packed. We recommend the Gran Helga or the Olafo and the complete the experience order a milkshake.

The Market at Real Intercontinental Hotel

Who says a burger can’t be fancy? The Market at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in Escazú serves an awesome burger with exquisite fries, its presentation is superb and the food tastes as good as it looks.

Ivory Bar and Bistro at Sheraton Hotel

Juicy, tasty and simple at the same time, the Ivory Bar at the Sheraton Hotel in Escazu serves some killer burgers. Artisanal burger made with 50% wagyu and 50% cebu beef, fresh ingredients, a must try.


Sports bar in Escazu and Santa Ana, contrary to Tap House this place definitely caters more to an adult crowd since the bar essence of it takes first stage, the burgers here are quite good, the place opens for lunch and the prices are very accessible. Enjoy your favorite sporting events with a delicious burger and onion rings or fries.

Johnny Rockets

Yes, you are probably very familiar with this fast food restaurant, but we can’t leave it off this list because their burgers are still really good. Currently there are two locations, one in Terrazas Lindora shopping center and the other one in Escazú Village. The burgers at Johnny Rockets have the ability to make you forget you are at a fast food restaurant, and let’s face it, sometimes you just want to have a burger at a familiar place.

We hope you find these selections as good as we do. Welcome to Costa Rica!

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