10 Best Italian Restaurants in Santa Ana and Escazú

If you have just relocated to Costa Rica and are currently living to the west of San Jose, in the areas of Escazú or Santa Ana, you have made an excellent choice since you have access to pretty much all services and commodities very close by.

It is important when you have just moved to a new location to get familiar with the area and start building your new life. Finding a good Italian restaurant is part of this experience and should be at the top of the list, right? Simply because we all love Italian food and the warm feeling good Italian cuisine can provide.

There are many Italian restaurants in Santa Ana and Escazu, unfortunately some of them fall on the “commercial” side and fail to deliver the experience we are really looking for. So, to make your life easier, as is our mission at Expat Housing Costa Rica, we have made this list of the 10 best Italian restaurants in Santa Ana and Escazu, we hope it will save you from disappointments at other restaurants that just don’t make the cut, and on the contrary, to give you great alternatives for an amazing Italian lunch or dinner:


Best Italian Restaurants in Santa Ana:

Da Marco

Located in the area of Piedades de Santa Ana this restaurant has been around for several years and remains one of the most dependable if you want to have a traditional Italian dish. It opens for lunch from noon to 3 p.m. and again for dinner at 6 p.m. and through 10 p.m. Here you will find the popular ravioli and the traditional tortellini but the chef will always surprise with other special dishes. It is best to make a reservation.

Lo Spago

This small Italian restaurant is located in Santa Ana, in the shopping center right across from Plaza Murano, 100m North from the Red Cross. Lo Spago has been around for over 10 years and remains one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. A delicious Linguine with Crab and Shrimp, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, or the Chef Specials, you really can’t go wrong here.

Andiamo La

This restaurant first opened doors in Tres Rios (at the East of San Jose) and after several years of success (the place was always packed) they chose to open a second location in Santa Ana a few years ago. The restaurant is beautiful, spacious, and it has a private room for big groups or special occasions. Food is of great quality and flavor.


Also in Santa Ana, Bacchus offers a warm and cozy ambiance in traditional residence from the XIX century declared architectonic heritage in 1999, the walls are filled with art and color. The artisan Italian food and the service complete a great dining experience.

Pizza Republica

This restaurant is located in City Place shopping center. The food is really exquisite and it’s an elegant yet simple atmosphere which makes it ideal for a business or family lunch. Chef Alejandro has over 14 years of experience and completed his gastronomy studies in renowned Italian academies; food has an authentic flavor that satisfies your every sense.


Best Italian Restaurants in Escazú:

Di Bartolo

You can’t go wrong. Di Bartolo is located in Guachipelin, Escazu, very close to Distrito 4. The place offers three different atmospheres, a formal restaurant, a lounge and a pizza bar. Perfect for any occasion, the menu has a variety of dishes for every preference and in reality you can be confident to choose whatever you want, everything is absolutely delicious.

Sale e Pepe

Located in Plaza del Valle shopping center in Escazú, this restaurant has been around since 1992, so this alone should tell you a lot. Sale e Pepe is known for its amazing pizza, probably one of the best in Costa Rica, but all other dishes are great too; reliable menu and great service at affordable prices.


This restaurant actually opened doors recently, but it if it continues to provide great service and great food it should be around for a long time. Modern and innovative, it offers an Italia style appetizer buffet, relaxed and fun style.

Terrazza Toscana

You can find this fancy restaurant in Avenida Escazú, the place is elegant and luxurious. The menu offers a variety of options and the quality is very good. Perfect for formal dinner and special occasions.

Sicilia Deli Trattoria da Giovanni

Sicilian trattoria, pizzeria, winery and gourmet market. Located in Plaza Tempo next to the Cima Hospital, this restaurant offers excellent food and attention, dishes prepared according to Sicilian tradition; the exclusive ingredients make all the difference in the world making for unique flavors.

Ten restaurants you can try and then pick your preferred option. As a special mention, La Fábrica is also a very popular Italian restaurant, it has a location in Escazu and another one in Santa Ana, food here is good, perhaps more on the “commercial” side but still good, affordable and perfect for an informal lunch or dinner.

Also, located just a short drive away from Escazu and Santa Ana, in La Sabana, L’Olivo is an excellent choice, cozy environment, small place, very good food. And il Padrino in Rohrmoser is worth the detour, the service and the food are awesome, you won’t regret making the short drive.

Bon Appetit!

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