5 tips to thrive as an expat in Costa Rica

When settling in a new country, expats have to cope with adapting to new challenges: a new environment, a new language, new cultural codes… it’s not always easy to fit in! Here are some tips to help you deal with the adaptation process in Costa Rica:


1- Learn the language

In Costa Rica, it is highly recommended to speak or at least understand basic Spanish. You can either start learning the basics of the language just before moving, or once you arrive in the country. Having some knowledge of Spanish will be a tremendous advantage in your daily life, and a valuable asset in order to meet and/or communicate with the locals.


2- Don’t compare your host country to your home country

When living in a new environment, expats have to face new and unfamiliar situations. This is part of the process of discovering another way of life and culture. Therefore, there is no need to compare your host country to your home country. Just keep an open mind and be ready to change your routines and habits. And don’t forget that when in Rome, do as the Romans do!


3- Expand your social network

When living abroad, loneliness is a feeling that can definitely bring you down. So don’t stay on your own and meet people! Don’t be shy, build contacts with locals and expats, neighbors, colleagues, students of your Spanish class for instance, or get involved in social activities or associations, sports clubs etc. It’s easier to adapt when you are not alone!


4- Do some research

In order to help you understand your new environment and adapt to your new community, find as many data as possible. For this purpose, Internet can provide great sources of information with hundreds of expatriation sites. Amongst them, Expat.com offers you a free comprehensive set of tools designed to help you out throughout your expatriation project, from information gathering in your home country to your actual move to Costa Rica, and eventually in your everyday life as an expat in Costa Rica. The site also gives you the opportunity to get in touch with other members. Just ask them any question you may have and they will be happy to give you an answer based on their own experience!


5- Enjoy Pura vida!

Relax and chill! Take all the time you need to adapt to your new expat life and enjoy every moment of it. Whether you chose to move to Costa Rica as a professional, an entrepreneur, a student or a retiree, you made a great decision. You now have the opportunity to live in a charming environment with a delightful weather so… enjoy the Pura vida lifestyle!


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