Family Friendly Communities in Costa Rica

When relocating to another country with your family the most important element to consider is the community you are going to be living in. Making the right choice will make the transition smoother and will help each family member adapt to the change faster.

Costa Rica is considered one of the friendliest countries for expats, it is no coincidence that there are large communities of Canadians and Americans among others living here, and contrary to what you may think, they are not all living at the beach, perhaps the beach is the preferred place for retirees, but the majority of foreigners who move to Costa Rica with their family choose communities in the Central Valley due to the convenience this represents for all members of the family.
Easy access to services and commerce, close distance to a variety of schools, private hospitals, safety and entertainment options are just part of the aspects that must be considered by families relocating to Costa Rica.
Communities such as Escazu and Santa Ana to the west of the capital city of San Jose, and also Cariari in Heredia, are considered the preferred family-friendly communities for expats in Costa Rica. What makes them special?


For decades, the beautiful county of Escazu has attracted foreigners due to its wonderful weather and the fact that many affluent Tico families settled here many generations back, this caused Escazu to be considered as an exclusive, high-end community where soon private schools, a country club, American restaurants and exclusive shops established.

Escazu has certainly evolved throughout the years, the big properties surrounded by coffee plantations have now almost disappeared and given room to vertical condo buildings, gated communities and luxury residentials. Escazu is divided into three districts, San Miguel which is the center of Escazu, San Antonio up in the mountains where the weather is cooler and the views of San Jose are amazing, and San Rafael the most popular and home to several Embassies, luxurious malls and residential areas.

Escazu is certainly considered a family friendly community, where there is easy access to all services needed for children and adults alike. There are a large number of private schools located in this area, especially in Guachipelin close to many residential projects that have also been built with the family in mind, most of which feature controlled access, green areas, pool, playground, and different amenities to offer children the opportunity to play outside in a safe environment and socialize within their community.

Adults have a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment alternatives to choose from, many companies and office buildings are also located here, which allows many to work, live and study all in the same area.

Santa Ana

The beautiful valley of Santa Ana is right to the west of Escazu, in fact, Santa Ana started developing some 20 years back and quickly went from being a land with large onion plantations and livestock to one of the most exclusive communities in Costa Rica.

Many young people who grew up in Escazu moved to Santa Ana when the time came to live on their own. Santa Ana is a little hotter than Escazu, and it also offers convenience with access to all major services, supermarkets, many private schools, gyms, shopping centers, private clinics, restaurants, bars, etc.

It’s location which gives access to the provinces of Heredia and Alajuela, its proximity to Escazu and downtown San Jose, makes it ideal for families. Many luxury communities are located here, and there are a large number of expats living in this county, some of the most popular residential areas include Valle del Sol, Hacienda Lindora, Bosques del Rio, among others.

Multinational companies have their headquarters in office buildings in this area among them Procter & Gamble, Western Union, Boston Scientific, to mention just a few. Santa Ana offers houses for all types of budgets and many projects built specifically for families.


For many years Cariari has attracted the attention of expats, the areas known as Los Arcos and Bosques de Doa Rosa are a mixed community of Ticos, Americans and Canadians.

Standalone beautiful houses in a private residential are one of the aspects that make this area attractive, its proximity to the Cariari Golf Course, the American International School and access to the main Alajuela highway (General Cañas) are also added values.

Cariari is part of the province of Heredia, where different restaurants, bars, hotels and office buildings are just a short drive away.

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