Most Popular Gated Communities in Santa Ana Costa Rica

Santa Ana is one of the counties to the west of San Jose that has experienced incredible growth over the past 20 years, going from a small community with large portions of land used mainly for agriculture and cattle to a thriving city that offers all the commodities you can imagine in the first world.

From the warm weather to its perfect location from which you can easily connect to Escazu or the the capital city of San Jose, Heredia and Alajuela are some of its many pluses, this county is also one of the safest and it offers a large number of shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals along with many exclusive gated communities which have made it one of the preferred areas for expats to relocate to.
If you are considering relocating to Santa Ana, Costa Rica, we leave you with a list of some of the most popular gated communities in this area:

Luxury Residences in Santa Ana:

Villa Real

Halfway between Santa Ana and Escazu, Eco-Residential Villa Real is a luxurious gated community where you can purchase lots with prices starting at U.S. $200,000.00 and properties with houses with a value of between U.S.$750,000.00 and $2 million plus. One of the main characteristics of this community is the view, it’s really a million dollars view. There are approximately 400 properties at Villa Real all featuring amazing architecture. The community is made up of both nationals and foreigners; former President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla lives at Villa Real. The entrance is completely private with high security, entertainment areas that include a Club House, pool, tennis and basketball courts and parks and gardens.

Parque Valle del Sol

This exclusive residential community has approximately 475 lots divided into different zones around an 18-hole championship golf course. Wide boulevards, streets and green areas, tennis courts, 24 hour private security and monitoring system, entertainment areas and playgrounds, strive to offer a great quality of life to its residents. Valle del Sol is a “Green planned community” that has received several environmental certificates. The land plans range from 600 square meters to 2000 square meters, (1968.5 to 6561.68 square feet), it has its own wastewater treatment facility, garbage collection system, water tanks, etc. You can find houses here with a price ranging from U.S.$750,000 to $2 million plus.

Bosques de Lindora/Hacienda Lindora

These two residential communities are one right next to the other and they are conveniently located in the main Lindora road with access to Terrazas shopping center, Automercado supermarket, among many others. Hacienda Lindora offers stylish homes, 33 lots in all, each with an average 931.8 square meters (3,057 square feet). Club house including pool and a tennis court. Bosques de Lindora has close to 170 lots, and also features common entertainment areas, pool, private security among others. Houses in this project range from $800,000.00 and up to $5 million.

Hacienda del Sol

An upscale gated community located in the area of Rio Oro, Santa Ana. Residents can enjoy a variety of amenities from tennis court and swimming pool to meeting hall and ballroom. This residential project is great for kids to be able to play outdoors safely. They have different size lots and houses for sale. The immediate access to Route 27 is very convenient as it gives quick access to Escazu and Ciudad Colon.

Other popular communities in Santa Ana that are still comfortable and beautiful but in a more accessible price range include:

Santa Ana Hills

Town-house type condominium of 169 square meters of construction (555 square feet), 24 hour private security and controlled access, club house, pool, gym, tennis court, among other added values. A three bedroom , 2.5 bathroom house here can run around $210,000.00


There are several Avalon condominiums projects, the original one is in the center of Santa Ana, which offers 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments in vertical buildings, common areas include pool, gym and playground area. There is also Avalon Country Club, which is located in the area of Rio Oro, this option has bigger size apartments and penthouses and it also has bigger and more luxurious common areas. The third option is River Park by Avalon, very close to the original project, this condominium has a contemporary look to it, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, plenty of green areas, tennis court, pool, Olympic pool, gym green areas and of course, security. Prices start at $115,000.00


Seven apartment towers of three floors each. Located in Pozos de Santa Ana, this community has a semi-olympic pool, tennis court, adult and kids pool, racquetball court, a gym and a coffee shop. They offer different size apartments the smallest one of 70 square meters (230 ft.), others that are 87.45 square meters and 107 square meters and the biggest size available are 148 square meters (485.56 feet)
Although, like any other county, Santa Ana also has its down side, for instance the traffic on the main road (Radial Santa Ana-Belen) known simply as “Lindora” can get really crazy at certain times during the day, if you know what times to avoid this becomes just something you get used to dealing with, and in reality when you think about all the advantages you have living in this area of Costa Rica it’s really nothing. Investing in real estate in Santa Ana you are guaranteed growing property values as its one of the upper end counties in the country.

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