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  • 13136ID
  • 450 m2Area - 4843 ft2
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 4Bathrooms

This beautiful house is located in Hacienda Espinal, within one of Costa Rica’s premier new communities. This home’s modern-day architecture made by re-known architect Maria Fernanda Solis, was an epic find! One of its highlights? It’s made with family in mind on all nooks and corners. Nonetheless however, it has all the design elements of a contemporary home plus all the needs a home-maker and mom quite frankly would desire too. Features nobody thinks about! There are even spaces for the laundry-soap. Yes, and we mean its own niche in the wall for easy-pouring.At the communities entrance is the globally re-known international Country Day School, which makes the neighborhood a natural choice for families. Its also an incredibly united community¬† where you can enjoy many different activities with other families in the area. Hacienda Espinal is the first development in Costa Rica that offers comprehensive services; it is an innovative project, which integrates the most important components of modern life. It also incorporates Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines that create bridges with nearby communities and actions that promote sustainability to reduce the neighborhood’s environmental impact. It integrates offices, supermarkets such as AutoMercado in near proximity and 4.8 km for bike paths, parks, entertainment and sports areas as well as several other different residential products. This house is a very modern building that’s only 2 years old and as states, is very well-detailed. Built by the owner of the Development Company that also was at hand, it spares no expense. Furthermore, if you enjoy the comforts of a hotel, this home is made for you as the master bedroom not only has a double entrance but its own minibar, coffee maker, wine fridge and other little things that can keep you away from other areas of the house if you so desire. The walk-in closet will make any woman feel like in a fairy tale as well. This home truly has it all under one roof!¬† Priced below market, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Also available for sale @ US$820.000.

  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4

Phone: +(506) 83563912 | +(506) 62557577

Email: info@expathousingcr.com